Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Not only is today a day of celebration because we are free, free from what I don't know yet maybe aliens I'm not even in Pre-K yet, but also mommy and daddy get to spend an extra day at home with me, hey I appreciate the little things in life. 

Today has been an especially scary day to say the least. People are making loud noises all over and it hurts my ears so I've been hiding in my crate all day long at least until my parents tell me it's safe to come out. When I went on my walk this afternoon our neighbors grand kids were visiting and they all running at me full charge with open arms yelling "puppy, puppy." Ummmm I'm not a puppy I'm like 1.2 already !!!! but anyway daddy told me to sit and lie down while he explained to the kids how to approach me (or any unfamiliar dog for that matter). Once they calmed down and let me smell their hand I  felt a lot less stressed so I decided to lick their faces and make them giggle. Daddy told me I was a good girl so I showed them my belly to scratch me as my reward.

What is this? Why is it next to me? This isn't mine !!!!

Maaaaaaaa dad is trying to frame me !!!!!  
No I'm not drunk, it's the sun in my eyes.
Happy 4th of July everyone !!!

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