Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blog the Change for Animals

Today is Blog the Change for Animals hosted by Be The Change with the goal of spreading the word on good causes, make commitments and inspire others to help out in any way they can.

I wanted to bring awareness to a shelter in Queens, NY called Bobbi & the Strays.
Since 1998 Bobbi Giordano has quit her job and dedicated her life to helping animals along with the help of marvelous volunteers. Unfortunately the building that was housing their larger dogs is scheduled to be demolished (temporarily on hold for lack of funds) so ironically the homeless are going to be homeless yet again. I know what it's like to not have a place to call home and just wish that they can all find families that love them as much as mine loves me but until they do I want them to have a roof to protect them. I will be spreading their story to all my furry friends' parents when I see them on my outings and will also be making a donation to their building funds, using Daddy's credit card of course :-) Mommy says that when we move to our house next year that we'll be able to foster, I'm so excited it'll be like a pajama party everyday.

Bobbi & the Strays Building Fund

Pets Available for adoption


  1. It's great that there are so many people willing to help for the animals. We wanted to become more involved, so we started fostering this summer. It has been like a big slumber party with Wilma and Miss M. Poor Mr. B is the only boy and he gets left out.

  2. That is one grand toy you have Cheeto! It shows that you have landed on all four paws after your sad past. I'm glad you found a good human and life is better for you.

  3. How totally cool that you get to give a shout out to them today! I hope they're able to find a new place really soon.


  4. Found you through the blog hop-- I think it's great that you plan on fostering in the future. It's such a great way to get homeless pets out of shelters and into loving homes, even if it's only temporary. Happy BTC!

  5. Hey there, we found you through the blog hop - we're in NYC too (Staten Island). I have heard of the org Bobbi and the Strays but never knew anything about it. I really hope they're able to find a new place soon. It's so tough out there for a lot of these shelters - our no-kill group had to shut the doors to their shelter in 2008 :(

  6. How wonderful that you're committing to fostering animals and doing what you can to help the shelter. Thanks so much for Blogging the Change!

    All the best,
    Kim (and Amy by proxy)