Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup Fever

So fortunately or unfortunately my parents love watching soccer (because lets face it them playing it would just be a disaster). Meanwhile they have the nerve to say that I don't know how to play pffff where in the rulebook does it say you're not allowed to chew on the ball mid game? 
Well anyway I say fortunately because I figured hey I love lounging on the couch and if I can get away with it for 90 minutes plus half time while watching fit guys running around in shorts then it would be a win win situation right?. Little did I know that I was signing up to having my "at home hanging on the couch in the privacy of my own house" pose documented for the whole world to see and much less that I would have to subject to being dressed up for every game. I mean if I'm going to be any ones mascot I shouldn't be doing it for free and not even getting to be on tv. Good thing I'm black because I'm honestly scared that they'd go as far as dying my hair to match their team colors, freakin' whackos !


  1. Thanks for joining the blog hop. Hope you are having a great weekend.

    Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana

  2. Hopping through from the blog hop. nice to meet you!

  3. Hi, Charneka! I'm hopping through today, and I'm so glad to meet you. You're GORGEOUS!

    So you like soccer, huh? But your parents don't like the way you play because you chew the ball? That's okay. You can re-write the rules and start a doggy league!

  4. I enjoyed my visit to your blog!

  5. What a cute blog you have!

    We've really been enjoying watching the games here, but I would draw the line at having my fur dyed for team colors! A girl's got her limits!