Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ballooooon !!!!

I tend to be a big scaredy cat about a lot of things (shhh don't tell anyone) but my parents tell me I'm a character all the time and one of the reasons is that even though I'm scared I still try to approach things at my own pace I guess. For example the first time I ever saw a balloon was at my mom's birthday party and just the sight of it freaked me own let alone getting anyway near it.
A few mintues after I discovered this amazing invention I decided to approach it and since I don't have any opposable thumbs "Those monkey-thumbs were meant for dogs. Give me my thumbs, you fu**ing monkeys!" (lol, I digress) I ended up using my mouth. Little did I know those things pop when you bite them, holy smokes did I run out of there faster than a kid after the ice cream truck. Of course being the brave little soldier that I am I came back running to the next balloon to see if it had the same reaction and in case you were wondering, it did.
Having the approach I do to live lets me live it to the fullest because now I've discovered that I actually enjoy chasing after balloons especially when it's a little windy outside, I never know where the little bugger is going to go, keeps me on my paws.

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