Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sunny Sundays

World Cup Fever

So fortunately or unfortunately my parents love watching soccer (because lets face it them playing it would just be a disaster). Meanwhile they have the nerve to say that I don't know how to play pffff where in the rulebook does it say you're not allowed to chew on the ball mid game? 
Well anyway I say fortunately because I figured hey I love lounging on the couch and if I can get away with it for 90 minutes plus half time while watching fit guys running around in shorts then it would be a win win situation right?. Little did I know that I was signing up to having my "at home hanging on the couch in the privacy of my own house" pose documented for the whole world to see and much less that I would have to subject to being dressed up for every game. I mean if I'm going to be any ones mascot I shouldn't be doing it for free and not even getting to be on tv. Good thing I'm black because I'm honestly scared that they'd go as far as dying my hair to match their team colors, freakin' whackos !

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ballooooon !!!!

I tend to be a big scaredy cat about a lot of things (shhh don't tell anyone) but my parents tell me I'm a character all the time and one of the reasons is that even though I'm scared I still try to approach things at my own pace I guess. For example the first time I ever saw a balloon was at my mom's birthday party and just the sight of it freaked me own let alone getting anyway near it.
A few mintues after I discovered this amazing invention I decided to approach it and since I don't have any opposable thumbs "Those monkey-thumbs were meant for dogs. Give me my thumbs, you fu**ing monkeys!" (lol, I digress) I ended up using my mouth. Little did I know those things pop when you bite them, holy smokes did I run out of there faster than a kid after the ice cream truck. Of course being the brave little soldier that I am I came back running to the next balloon to see if it had the same reaction and in case you were wondering, it did.
Having the approach I do to live lets me live it to the fullest because now I've discovered that I actually enjoy chasing after balloons especially when it's a little windy outside, I never know where the little bugger is going to go, keeps me on my paws.

What do you mean I "was" clean?

Last weekend was suuuper hot but since I love the sun so much there was no way my parents could convince me to come inside. So they decided to help me cool down by giving me a bath with the hose in the backyard, I guess they figured two birds with one stone right? WRONG. I decided that it wasn't that time of the month to get a bath so I waited until they finished cleaning me (because I wanted to eat all the peanut butter they were using to "trick" me into staying still) and then I ran in circles for a few minutes to throw them off. When they were least expecting it I jumped into the garden and started practicing my rolls hehe. Mom & pops just stared at me, as if they didnt already expect me to do this, silly old folks.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm getting a new friend :-)

Today mom went to a shelter with her bff (yay for summer hours and getting out early on Fridays). My auntie wanted to go see if by chance there were any chihuahua's up for adoption since there weren't any on their website. She's looking for someone tiny (like her) and that'll fit in her apartment that's the size of my crate lol.
While auntie was looking for my new bff mom was trying to figure out how to sneak out about 10 dogs without the shelter noticing or my dad lol.
They met and spent about 2 hours an the interview room with Ashley where it was instant love within the first 0.05 seconds. Ashley was as sweet as can be and didn't hold back on kisses (although mom says she likes mine better).
The decision is final and Ashley is coming to her furever home on Tuesday !!!! How exciting is that? I can't wait to meet her so we can play for hours and hours. Based on the description mom gave me I imagine she looks like the pic below.

Disclaimer: No real chihuahua's were hurt in this reenactment
P.S > The chihuahua in the pic was a gift from my auntie on my birthday :-)