Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to meeee

Well at least we calculate it was a year ago today because even though technically I was there I don't really remember what day of the year it was so the ASPCA guesstimated April 25th and hey if that means I get a party and presents once a year I'm all for it. What's even more exciting is that my daddy's birthday is 2 days before mine so we get to do a double celebration.

It was really a great day. We went to my grandparents house for a party and everyone got to wear party-hats,  I tried to take mine off right away because a girls hair can't look flat for the pictures on her special day. I'm pretty sure even though I was quick that my mom was quicker and managed to get some embarrassing pics with the hat on and if she ever decides to download those pics (aaaany day now Ma !!!) then maybe I'll share some. Of course I got some awesome-o presents because let's face it everyone loves me. I got an extra extra large bully stick nom nom nom, a volleyball (because my last one magically deflated from the holes that looked like teeth marks and ripped apart all by itself :-x ), pink balloons that my daddy inflated for me to chase around and pop, a NY times square subway stop tshirt, a purse with a squeaky chihuahua because i'm a fashionista, a pink leather collar and a pink bowl that says "Bitch" teehee.  

I think it's true that you get wiser with years because I'm only one and I can already feel it.

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