Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thank you Nana

As soon as my Nana heard that I had to get stitches she wanted to jump on a plane to come rescue and spoil me but my mean mommy told her she was crazy.
So my Nana loving me as much as she does decided that she could still spoil me from afar and sent me a care package addressed just for me. She sewed 3 new beds for me, which works great to replace the one in my crate that just magically started ripping allll by itself and the stuffing fall out :-x, maybe someone was trying to set me up but anyway I digress. Also in the box there was a rubber hot dog, a rubber chicken and a musical "get well" card signed by grandpa, my aunt, uncle, little cousins and of course my Nana.
Mom & dad let me play with the hot dog, I miiiight've been a bit persistent on trying to get it out of their hands but hey it's mine not theirs. Anyway I decided to start tearing it apart to see where the squeaking was coming from but as soon as i opened it all of a sudden it stopped so I figured I'd continue tearing it apart just for fun. The 'rents let me play because I wasn't swallowing any of the pieces duhhhh why would I swallow it if it's not a REAL hot dog.



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